Highest Paying Jobs in Algeria 2024 | Latest Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs in Algeria 2024 | Latest Jobs

The highest-paying job in Algeria depends on things like location in Algeria, qualifications and experience, and language skills. If you have all these things you can get one of the highest paying jobs in Algeria. In this article, we will tell you about the highest-paying jobs in Algeria, and why these jobs pay so much. The average Salary in Algeria is a Minimum of 543,200 DZD per year, a median of 2,161,200 DZD, and a Maximum of 9,610,800 DZD, so without further ado let’s get to today’s topic!

The highest-paying jobs in Algeria

By the way, all kinds of jobs are available in Algeria. But below we will tell you about the highest paying jobs in Algeria, and also the reasons why the employees of these jobs are paid so much:

1) Pilots

Pilots Salary
Minimum Salary178,075 DZD
Average Salary356,150 DZD
Maximum Salary712,300 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonHigh level of responsibility and decision-making

A pilot is responsible for delivering millions of passengers to their destination smoothly daily. A pilot inspects the aircraft, triages the aircraft, and performs other duties before the aircraft takes off. Apart from this, one has to communicate with the traffic control during the journey, make decisions during the weather conditions, and be responsive to any kind of emergency that arises. Apart from this, it is the responsibility of a pilot to make the staff and passengers comfortable and cater to their every need. This is the only reason why a pilot in Algeria is well paid.

2) Judges

Judge Salary
Minimum Salary185,375 DZD
Average Salary370,750 DZD
Maximum Salary741,500 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonHigh level of responsibility and decision-making

A judge controls his emotions to decide any case. A judge believes that after hearing a case, he has the right to sentence or reward. Judges have a duty not to give any verdict under any pressure. He has the right to hear both sides of the case and after that to give a decision. This is the only reason why judges in Algeria are well paid.

3) Doctors / Surgeons

Doctors / Surgeons Salary
Minimum Salary155,375 DZD
Average Salary310,750 DZD
Maximum Salary621,500 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience and Education
ReasonPatient Advocacy

A doctor takes care of any patient with good treatment. A doctor conducts tests on any patient before starting treatment, after which he prescribes various medicines for that patient. Similarly, surgeons in the medical department perform operations and recommend immediate surgery in any critical case.

A surgeon performs a surgery or operation on his patient with the help of various machinery. Becoming a surgeon or doctor requires a lot of education and is responsible for people’s lives. These are some of the reasons we have mentioned above why a surgeon or doctor is well-paid in Algeria.

4) Lawyers

Lawyer Salary
Minimum Salary103,067 DZD
Average Salary206,135 DZD
Maximum Salary412,270 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonUpholding the law and promoting justice

Lawyers, or attorneys, are legal professionals who represent their clients in any important legal matter. They conduct thorough legal research, interpret statutes, and advise clients on strategic courses of action. Outside the courtroom, lawyers negotiate and draft the necessary legal documents. A lawyer fights the case while concealing his client’s confidential information, which makes a lawyer’s salary well-paid in Algeria.

5) Orthodontists

Orthodontists Salary
Minimum Salary130,030 DZD
Average Salary260,060 DZD
Maximum Salary520,120 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonAlignment of teeth and jaws

An Orthodontist specializes in correcting any person’s teeth. For this, it requires higher education and modern machinery. An orthodontist treats a patient with his own will and expertise. Because of these responsibilities, an Orthodontist in Algeria is well-paid.

6) Marketing Directors

Marketing Directors Salary
Minimum Salary153,225 DZD
Average Salary306,450 DZD
Maximum Salary612,900 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonDriving profitable growth for the organization

Marketing directors are senior-level professionals. Who guides the organization’s marketing efforts and creates strategies and plans. Marketing directors define a company’s branding strategies and analyze market trends. Marketing directors manage teams, allocate budgets, and prioritize effective communication to enhance the brand, increase sales, and achieve business objectives. Which is why marketing directors are well-paid in Algeria.

7) College Professors

College Professors Salary
Minimum Salary205,375 DZD
Average Salary410,750 DZD
Maximum Salary821,500 DZD
RequirementsHigh Education
ReasonFacilitating meaningful learning for their students

A college professor is a teacher at the highest level. A professor lectures his students according to his knowledge and is responsible for improving the education of the students. Professors engage in academic research. They contribute to the knowledge of their field and guide students. Besides, they promote critical thinking and academic development. Because of their hard work, they are well-paid in Algeria.

8) Chief Financial Officers

Chief Executive Officers Salary
Minimum Salary275,525 DZD
Average Salary551,050 DZD
Maximum Salary1,102,100 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonEnsuring the financial health

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) manages the financial activities. He is the executive responsible for developing strategy, monitoring reporting, and mitigating risks. They lead budgeting and manage capital or cash flow. CFOs perform financial analysis and engage with investors. They also ensure compliance and monitor technology implementation. A CFO provides leadership for the finance team, which plays a critical role in the success of the organization. A chief financial officer in Algeria is well-paid for these reasons.

9) Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers Salary
Minimum Salary330,630 DZD
Average Salary661,260 DZD
Maximum Salary1,322,520 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonSetting the strategic direction and vision for the entire organization

Becoming a CEO may also require a higher level of experience. Chief Executive Officers make strategic decisions as the top executives form the vision. In addition, CEOs lead organizations by ensuring ethical governance. They manage stakeholder relationships and monitor financial performance.

Chief Executive Officers foster a positive culture. Talent management, external representation, adaptability, crisis leadership, and customer focus are integral to their responsibilities. CEOs play an important role in achieving organizational success. Because of this, they get good salaries in Algeria.

10) Bank Managers

Bank Manager Salary
Minimum Salary108,525 DZD
Average Salary217,050 DZD
Maximum Salary434,100 DZD
RequirementsHigh Experience
ReasonEnsuring the overall operational efficiency and financial performance of the branch

Bank managers oversee the operations of a bank branch. They ensure superior customer service. They are responsible for managing high-level finances and overseeing staff. Managers maintain regulatory compliance and promote bank services. Leadership for bank managers is critical to profitability, customer satisfaction, and community reputation. A bank manager in Algeria is offered a good salary.


Judges, pilots, and surgeons have the highest salaries in Algeria. The reason for their high salary is their hard work, work responsibility, and education. Location selection, experience, and education are very important to get a good salary in Algeria. Also, if you want to know more about salaries, then read our article The Average Salary in Algeria. Hope you like today’s article also follow our Twitter page and share this article with your friends.